Family law

We advise spouses, extra-marital cohabitations, partners and relatives in typical family law matters.

An area of expertise is drafting marriage contracts for asset protection and the objective of conflict-preventing settlements. With freelancers or entrepreneurial marriages, liability risks of the freelancing or entrepreneurial partner must be considered. In extra-marital cohabitations, need for advice may arise due to transfer of assets.

According to the journals Wirtschaftswoche (issue dated 06 Feb. 2012) and Handelsblatt (28 Feb. 2013), SCHLATTER is one of the top law firms for asset protection and marriage contract law in Germany.

In case of separation and divorce, we enforce our clients’ claims both in and out of court and we draft separation and divorce settlements. Typical topics are the clarification of the equalization of the accrued gains (Zugewinn: amount by which the assets owned by a spouse at the end of the marriage exceed that owned at the beginning), apportionment of assets, and alimony.

As law firm with focus on commercial law our clients benefit specifically from our many years of experience in cases with complex financial circumstances or entrepreneurial background. Given the size of our law firm, as a team we can process not only family law matters but also the related inheritance law, tax law, and corporate law matters in very short time.

Common family law topics:

• Marriage contracts / gifts between spouses

• Contract design in extra-marital cohabitation

• Divorce

• Separation and divorce settlements

• Alimony, equalization of the accrued gains, pension rights adjustment

• Apportionment of assets

• Law governing parent and child cases, child custody and visitation rights

• International divorce law

We specialize in family law: