Corporate law

SCHLATTER advises you comprehensively in all areas of partnership and company law. Our advice covers the establishment of a corporation, assistance in structural measures as well as succession planning or sale.

We also focus on disputes between partners and the corporation (e. g. withdrawal procedures) as well as between the corporation and its corporate officers (e. g. revocation of directorship, termination of employment contract).

In addition, SCHLATTER advises clients in the development of succession concepts taking also inheritance and tax into account.

Our main focus is the assistance in mergers & acquisitions as well as restructuring such as demerger, outsourcing or change of form of enterprise.

Overview of fields of law:

• Corporate law

• Corporate acquisition and sales

• Partnerships, incorporated companies, establishment of companies

• Selection of form of enterprise

• Law governing change of form of enterprise

• Company succession

• Business tax

We specialize in corporate law: