Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights comprise industrial property rights. For good ideas to be furthermore profitable and the incentive for innovative discoveries and inventions to remain, protection of intellectual property is indispensable.

SCHLATTER provides comprehensive assistance in the field of intellectual property rights. We assist you with the registration of a trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office and the European Patent Office. If required, we also advise you regarding the design of license contracts. Licenses are granted for the use of patents, utility models, trademarks, know-how, and software.

We are especially experienced in the defense against violations of competition. We draw up warning letters for you with declarations to cease and desist with penalty clause and also represent your interests in court, if necessary.

Overview of field of law:

• Intellectual property rights

• Competition law

• License contracts

• Copyright

• Trademark law

We specialize in intellectual property rights: