Bankruptcy law

Economic difficulties of companies often cause immense problems for their managements. This is no surprise since crisis management must be mastered in addition to regular business operations and often the management lacks the legal know-how regarding avoidance of bankruptcy. 

At this point our experts step in and assist in analyzing the situation. Should reorganizing offer the prospect of success, SCHLATTER assists in drawing up a customized reorganization concept no matter if this is associated with restructuring by selling parts of the company or filing for bankruptcy.

SCHLATTER also assists in the implementation of the developed reorganization concept, especially in case of conflicts or negotiations with your suppliers or other creditors. SCHLATTER represents your interests as well if you are a creditor of a contractual partner who is in crisis or has entered bankruptcy.

Overview of important activities

• Crisis management

• Reorganization

• Legal representation of creditors in bankruptcy proceeding

• Negotiations with suppliers and creditors

We specialize in bankruptcy law: