IT law

Hardly any field of law is so substantially subject to continuous technological change as is information technology law. Since today’s private and professional life is not imaginable without information technology, it is all the more important for SCHLATTER to cover this comparably new legal discipline with competent advice.

SCHLATTER manages the associated legal challenges with specialized attorneys. Thanks to high standards and our aspiration for expert legal advice, we provide our clients with legal security in all facets of information technology. We explain our clients the complex worlds of IT and law coming together.

SCHLATTER provides extensive advice regarding IT law to companies, IT service providers, and software companies. This includes legal preparation and assistance in IT projects, drafting and review of software and hardware contracts as well as distribution agreements and legal assistance in commercial internet offers. In addition, we assist our clients in intellectual property rights matters, especially trademark and copyright law, as well as data protection law.

We assist:

• Companies

• IT service providers

• Software companies

We specialize in IT law: