Tax law

SCHLATTER’s members of the practice group tax law advise companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals successfully in national and international tax law.

We provide corporate clients with legal and tax law assistance and design from establishment to liquidation; this includes M & A transactions, company succession as well as restructuring. We offer tax consulting and representation in audits, appeal proceedings, and penal proceedings for tax offences. Our clients are supported by advice on tax planning in drafting articles of associations, control agreements, and profit and loss transfer agreements as well as crisis advice, if required.

Our advice for individuals covers assistance with investments (primarily in real estate and business), tax planning of family law contracts and last will provisions, assistance in migration plans or representation in case of fiscal offences. Another focus is advice for companies owned by cities and public entities.

Our focuses:

• Company founding

• M & A

• Restructuring

• Reorganization

• Articles of associations, control agreements and profit and loss transfer agreements

• Company succession

• Last will provisions and family law contracts

• Report to tax authorities of false or incomplete tax declaration

• Representation in penal proceedings for tax fraud and other tax offences

• Tax declarations

• Objections and legal actions

• Financial statements and annual statements

• Tax planning for community-owned companies

We specialize in tax law: